Ack! What Can I Do About My Hairy Feet?

That really depends on your pain tolerance.

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Ack! What Can I Do About My Hairy Feet?

If your feet look like they should be walking you into Mordor and that’s not your preferred look, they could probably benefit from a shearing. But, how? Melanie Mari, owner and trained manscaper at Bare Skin Studio, says you have a few options.

Use Electric Clippers

The simplest way to tackle hairy feet is by trimming everything below your ankle bone, toes included, with electric clippers. If you want to avoid prickliness, experiment with guard lengths that leave the hairs looking cleaner, but still long enough to lay down flat against your skin. If you want baby-soft toes, however, you can go ahead and shave your feet like you would your face, after thinning the bulk with clippers.


The downside of shaving, though, is having to deal with regrowth within only a couple of days, says Mari. For something that lasts longer, she proposes, “If you’re a masochist, you could pluck the hairs one by one.” Plucking, she explains, will prevent regrowth for up to about a month, but the pain you experience in the process may live in your mind forever, so there are pros and cons to this method.


The last tactic Mari suggests for dealing with hairy feet is waxing, which is quicker, but still painful, although it will mean you can say goodbye to your foot hair for about a month or so. Just be sure to follow the directions closely if you use an at-home kit, to avoid burning yourself.

Don't Forget Foot Hygiene

However you choose to whack your foot hair, Mari also suggests taking a good, hard look at your foot hygiene more generally during the process. “Guys need to moisturize their feet and cut their toenails,” she emphasizes. In fact, I personally suggest an at-home mani-pedi to improve the overall appearance of your feet. Once they look and feel better, then you can run to Mordor. Sound good, my precious?