The Best Ways to Tame a Hairy Butt

Trimming the hair on your derrière is easy as pie with these tips from professional manscaper Melanie Mari.

Man looking sideways in mirror at beard.

There are some pretty compelling reasons to make sure your butt looks nice, and for some guys, that includes keeping the fur in check. But how the heck are you supposed to go about removing hair from an area you can barely even see?

Melanie Mari, owner and trained manscaper at Bare Skin Studio, has a few thoughts on the matter.

Don't Use A Razor: First off, Mari says the simplest way to tidy up your tush is by using a pair of electric clippers―equipped with whatever length guard suits your fancy―on each cheek. That way, you won’t risk cutting yourself while trimming blind, so to speak, but you will end up with a relatively hairless butt. Don’t be tempted to follow it up with a close shave, though: Using a razor on your butt cheeks will cause a ton of unwanted prickliness when the hair regrows and rubs against your underwear. This is an especially bad idea when you reach the space between your cheeks. “Running a razor down the middle of your butt crack isn’t the brightest idea, even if you have help,” Mari explains. “It can cause major itchiness when the hairs begin to grow back.” Just imagine walking around with a piece of extra coarse sandpaper lodged between your cheeks, and you’re pretty much there.

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Avoid Hair Removal Creams: While hair removal creams may seem like another viable option, Mari has warned us previously of their frightening side effects. “Because hair removal creams are strong enough to break down thick body hair—like chest hair or pubic hair—they’re also strong enough to irritate sensitive areas of the skin,” she explained. In other words, don’t use them on your crack unless you want to feel like you wiped with a fresh-cut chili pepper. You can, however, use hair removal creams on your butt cheeks―just be sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid giving yourself a chemical burn. Also, be aware of the downside. As Mari explains, “Since they don’t take the hair down to the root, you’ll feel prickly after a few days.”

The Only Way is Waxing: So what’s the real key to a baby-smooth behind? According to Mari, the only sure way to get the result you want—in every area you want—is by waxing. “Waxing is definitely the best method for taming a hairy butt because you have someone else working on you [rather than attempting to maneuver a razor over your cheeks while looking over your shoulder in the mirror], and it’s going to be smoother, cleaner, and longer-lasting.” All of which are vital, considering just how much friction runs on (and between) your cheeks day in and day out. Just know that if you go this route, according to various sources across the web, sneaking gas out silently is going to be a hell of a lot tougher than it used to be. You have been warned.