Do I Need Shave Cream with an Electric Razor?

The shocking answer is...kind of? Sometimes? Let us explain.

Do I Need Shave Cream with an Electric Razor?

The idea of using Shave Cream when shaving with an electric razor probably seems crazy. Surely it would just make a huge mess on your face and worse, in the razor, which uses electricity? Sounds like a bad combination that would either require a lot of careful cleaning or the purchase of a new electric razor (or in a really bad chain of events, a hospital visit).

Many electric razors are indeed meant to be used for dry shaving, and no, you absolutely do not need Shave Cream when using them. However, there are also electric wet razors available. You can use these in the shower, and that’s when Shave Cream can actually come in handy, because it’ll allow you to get a closer, smoother shave. There are a few tricks to it, however.

When you apply your cream, you don’t want to make a rich, thick lather, which could clog your electric razor and give you an uneven and unpleasant shave. Instead, use a thin, light layer — or better yet, try something designed to be less pillowy, like Shave Butter — and let it sit for a few minutes to properly soften your bristles. Then you can shave away. Since the blades of electric razors don’t touch the skin, it’s safe to go against the grain of your hair, which will result in the aforementioned smoother shave. Your face will likely still feel sensitive after this process, so make sure you apply a moisturizing Post Shave Cream when you’re done. (Also, thoroughly rinse your razor and keep it charged — a razor with low power is one that’s going to painfully tug your hair from your skin instead of cutting it.)

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Do all that, and you too can experience the very surreal sensation of using Shave Cream with an electric wet razor. Just, for the love of God, make sure the razor you’re using is designed for the purpose.