What Happens If I Never Scrub My Back?

An unscrubbed back is not a fatal condition.

Man looking in mirror while shaving with son.

An unscrubbed back is not a fatal condition. So you don’t HAVE to soap it up every time you step into the shower. But don’t take that as an open invitation to never wash it. Like every other body part, your back can benefit from some lather every now and again. “Our skin’s outermost layer, the epidermis, naturally sheds dead cells,” says skincare consultant Craig the Barber. “The simple friction of our clothes rubbing against us also helps shed dead skin. However, some of it will remain in place if it isn’t scrubbed off.”

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If you’re looking for an easy way to scrub away those last few dead skin cells, Craig recommends “the 2-in-1 feature of an exfoliating bath towel like the Japanese Exfoliating Towel by Cure Series. It doubles as a wash rag and an exfoliator, and it’s long enough to get to those hard-to-reach places such as your back.” What’s the worst that can happen if you leave a few dead skin cells lingering on your back? The most likely consequence will be a dull complexion. Again, it won’t kill you. But it can lead to back acne, better known as bacne. And THAT can can kill any plans you may have had to go shirtless.

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