How to Tame a Coarse, Wiry Beard

Turn that porcupine on your face into a Pomeranian.

Man looking at shaved face and beard in mirror.

If your beard has the look and feel of a bundle of undercooked spaghetti, you came to the right place: Below, Matt Brashares of No BS Beard Reviews teaches us how to smooth over even the wildest of beards. Prepare for your transformation.

Use Quality Products

While genetics are the primary cause of a wiry beard, dryness is another. And the best way to tackle dryness is by faithfully applying good products. “Don’t assume that the same products you use for your hair will work for your beard,” Brashares says. “Beard hair is completely different from head hair and should be treated as such. In fact, using hair products on your beard might even make it more wiry and unkempt.”

Here are the products he recommends having in your beard-care arsenal and using regularly:

  • Beard Oil: “This will help nourish your skin and remove that beard itch,” Brashares explains.
  • Beard Balm: Brashares says beard balm provides “a solid mix of beard oil ingredients and waxes to help tame and style your beard. Balm is typically used after applying beard oil.”
  • Beard Butter: As Brashares explains, beard butter is “similar to beard balm, but designed to be much more conditioning for your beard without much hold. This product can be a game-changer for wiry beards. It can be used on its own before bed or during the day after applying beard oil.”
  • Beard Wash: Beard wash is “much less harsh than hair shampoo,” Brashares explains, adding that it preserves the natural, moisturizing oils in your beard.
  • Beard Conditioner: Brashares recommends using a beard conditioner in the shower three to four times a week. “This will help soften those wiry hairs and make them tamable,” he says.

That all may seem like a lot, but smooth beards take work. Sorry.

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Get a New Comb

What comb you use might seem inconsequential, but a good one can make a huge difference. “Those cheap plastic combs are horrible for your beard,” Brashares warns. “They include micro shards of stamped plastic that do more harm to your beard than good. Invest in a quality comb where each tooth of the comb is hand-finished so that it glides through your beard.” That way, you stop breaking your beard hairs and creating more frizziness.

Condition, Condition, Condition

We already said it, but seriously, put that beard conditioner to work. And remember: Moist beards are happy beards.