Okay, Let’s Talk About How to Shave Around Your Nipples

It’s a sensitive subject about an exceedingly sensitive area.

Man washing face in sun-lit bathroom.

Okay, Let’s Talk About How to Shave Around Your Nipples

Fun fact: Professional manscaper Melanie Mari, of Bare Skin Studio, loves to talk about how to shave your nipples. “That's actually one of my favorite subjects!” she admits. If you’re looking to get your chest completely hairless, you should be grateful for her dedication to this pursuit.

Shaving the area around your nips is not something you want to guess at: Contrary to popular belief, men’s nipples can be just as sensitive as women’s, and let’s face it, no nipple is going to be happy if it gets nicked by a razor. Pay attention then, because Mari has the perfect technique.

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First, use grooming scissors to cut down any long hairs on or surrounding your areola. Then, rather than shaving cream, you’ll want to grab something clear — Mari recommends Shave Butter — which allows you to see exactly where your nipples start and stop. “The trick is to put your pinky on the actual nub of your nipple and push it in,” explains Mari. “That way you can shave quickly and swiftly around it.” This protects the nub from the blade while tautening the skin of the areola in case your razor ranges a little too close. “You don't want to hit that nipple itself,” promises Mari.

If it’s already too late, don’t worry — we’ve got some advice for dealing with a nicked nip right here. And some good news, too: They grow back! (Depending how bad you messed up, that is.)