Shower Cloth

With Natural Jute Fiber


Shower Cloth

Is your current washcloth or loofah getting kind of … gross? Upgrade your shower cloth to our Shower Cloth and transport yourself to a sudsier, deeply cleansed state. Jute fibers deliver the perfect balance of maximum suds and light exfoliation, while the bamboo fiber is gentle on skin, making it the ideal companion for every shower.

  • Maximizes suds for a bubbly clean
  • Gently sloughs off dead skin
  • Durable yet gentle on skin
  • Pocket feature makes scrubbing easy and fun
  • Not tested on animals, just human showerers
  • Makes a terrible toupée


Why Do I Get Groin Stank No Matter How Much I Shower?

That yeasty, sweaty smell is not your fault. Well... not entirely your fault.

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